Navigating the dynamic realm of mining demands unwavering reliability, and at Virginia Electric, we stand as your trusted partner in delivering time-honored solutions tailored to the needs of surface and underground mining industries, encompassing coal and aggregate operations. From an array of cables and vital mine components to addressing your holistic electrical requisites, we have you covered. We are committed to empowering companies with solutions to increase efficiency, fortify workplace security, and advance your mining endeavors with confidence.

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We provide full service by coming out to your job site and walking with you or the builder to get a full list of all needed products. We set up appointments for one-on-one consultations to look at all brands and fixtures needed for your home. We offer suggestions for size, finish, and design style to match what you are looking for. We check product availability to meet you time lines and offer free delivery once your electrician or builder is ready

Make a list of all needed lights for each room. Make notes of what the space will be used for along with room widths and height. Doing this helps us suggest options that will work for the space. Determine what finishes are in the room or the finish you are looking to put in the house.

No. if you are looking to dim a LED bulb you must purchase a Led bulb that is rated as dimmable and select a dimmer that is compatible for the LED technology that bulb has.

Simple answer is yes. You need to match up the mounting base (socket size) and the bulb type. Most all common bulbs are now produced in lower LED wattage and we can use lumens to match up the equivalent bulb wattage needed.